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Have you joined some of the programs listed at Bestemoneys? You can add your referral links!

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Learn more about this option:

Bestemoneys.com lists more than 1000 e-currency related web sites.
Many of those sites offer affiliate programs.
Those sites provide their members with special affiliate (referral) link.
Visitors referred thru that link are tracked and referrer is rewarded.
Referrer usually gets paid few % of the money spent and/or earned by his/her referrals.
Bestemoneys refers hundreds of visitors daily, but its not possible for us to join and track all affiliate programs. In the past we have referred many thousands of people, but when referral link is not specified, no one at bestemoneys gets affiliate bonuses.

We share this opportunity to benefit from affiliate bonuses with our members.

How does it work?
When visitor clicks link to open listed web site, referral link is selected (if there is one).
If more than one member has added referral link, system will pick one randomly.
Visitors referred by you will always be directed to your referral link for free.

Members can add referral links in My Links area
Once you have added referral link, you will have to specify number of visits you wish to reserve for your link.
One click usually cost few "link credits", but its shown for free to visitors referred by you.
Cost is set at 3 up to 20 credits. Program's category and affiliate bonus % determines click's cost.

"Link Credits" are a new type of earnings.
One Link Credit is valued at $0.01 (you can buy 100 Link Credits for $1)
You can earn Link Credits:
+ Shareholders earn 1% daily Link Credits for visiting us ($100 Shares would get 100 Link Credits daily)
+ 5 credits for writing new comment
+ 4 credits for writing reply to comment
+ 3 credits for rating program
Member must write meaningful comments and vote responsibly.
Maximum 10 comments and 10 votes during 24 hours period will be rewarded!
We will not tolerate abusers!
Its forbidden to make a lot of useless comments.
You may not carelessly click good or bad ratings regardless of site's actual performance

All members can spend Link Credits to get referrals.
You would get rewards from affiliate programs, thus convert Link Credits to cash.
For example, if program offers 10% referral bonus and you spend 500 Link Credits to get 100 referral visits...
You can expect that some visitors will join and be active... its likely that you will get $10 or more.

Shareholders can also setup text ads and use Link Credits to reserve ad views.
1 link credit will get you 50 ad views

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Buy for $20/week
Magnetic Exchange - Instant exchange
Buy for $20/week
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